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 Biking experience Along the Banks of River Nile & in Lake Mburo National Park

Biking experience Along the Banks of River Nile & in Lake Mburo National Park

Looking for a little adventure? (Mountain biking experience). Biking is now available along the banks of the River Nile as well as in Lake Mburo National Park. This activity is a great way to enjoy a thrilling ride with beautiful scenery. Safety and fun guaranteed!


We can assist you in booking mountain bikes for your biking tour. Mountain biking is available in some national parks, as well as in and around Kampala. Contact us for more details on .

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mountain- Gorilla -Tracking- Permits Prices For Uganda-Rwanda and DR Congo

Mountain Gorilla Tracking Permits Prices For Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo

In Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda): USD $750

In Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Uganda): USD$600

In Buhoma Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Uganda): USD $600

In South Bwindi Imenetrable National Park (Uganda): USD $600

In Virunga National Park (DR Congo):$475

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Friday, May 29, 2015

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla tracking tour

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla tracking tour

This is a 3 day safari which starts and ends in Kigali- Rwanda. One gorilla permit for Parc Nationale des Volcanoes is included in the cost. Having a chance to see some of the last remaining 880 mountain gorillas in the world is a wonderful experience. It offers you an opportunity to track gorillas inParc Nationale des Volcanoes in Rwanda has 10 habituated gorilla families and tracking most groups in the afro-montane forest usually takes a few hours.

Itinerary for 3 Days Rwanda Gorilla tracking tour

Day 1: Arrival and transfer to Kinigi for your Gorilla Tracking

Airport transfer with private vehicle and guide. Transfer to Volcanoes National Park the home of gorilla tracking activity in Rwanda with private vehicle and driver. Your guide will take you on a tour of the new and vibrant capital city of Kigali. The new prosperity features a number of thriving markets and features the mountain terrain famous in Rwanda. A sober contrast to its recent history.

For survivors and others whose families were murdered in Rwanda´s genocide 1994, the Memorial sites and centres are places of dignified remembrance for loved ones lost. It is also a place of reflection and learning for the wider community, both in Rwanda and internationally.

Ranging in altitude from 2400km to 4,507 the Volcanoes National Park (French: Parc National des Volcans) is dominated by the setting of volcanoes after which it is named. Best known to the outside world as the place where for almost 20yrs the American primatologist Dian Fossey under took her pioneering studies of mountain gorilla behaviour.Day hikes to see the gorilla families can be strenuous on tracks climbing through the forest, and time is very limited once contact is made with the gorilla families. It is a rare and memorable experience to visit with these giant cousins of man.

Our accommodation is ideally positioned for those who want to watch animals in their habitat, specifically the endangered Rwanda Mountain Gorillas that still roam these areas. Share in the cuisine of Rwanda, which is served with the hospitality for which we all return to African countries. Take walks, learn more about the gorillas, and absorb the gorgeous surrounding landscape.

Low Budget: Kinigi Guest House or Muhavura Lodge.

Moderate: La Palme Hotel or Volcanoes Gorilla Lodge

Up-market: Mountain Gorilla View Lodge or Gorillas Nest Lodge

Day 2: Gorilla Trekking, Parc National des Volcans

Have breakfast and go to park headquarters for briefing after that set off in the forest for Gorilla trekking. A thrilling trek through the refined foothills of the Virungas provides inspiring views in all directions. Then, suddenly, the trail enters the national park, engrossing trekkers in the strange closeness of the rainforest, alive with the calls of colorful birds and chattering of the rare golden monkey, and besieged with fresh spoor of the mountains' elusive populations of buffalo and elephant. Through gaps in the forest canopy, the marvelous peaks are sighted, easily easy to get to and among the uppermost in Africa, indicating an ascent. Gorilla trekking is quite strenuous but a worthwhile on encounter of these gentle giants. The enthusiasm of your coming across with these apes will wipe away your intricacy of the strenuous trek. Spend time watching gorillas, watch the adults feeding their young ones, brushing and resting as the youngsters play from vines in a pleasurably playful display.

Low Budget: Kinigi Guest House or Muhavura Lodge.

Moderate: La Palme Hotel or Volcanoes Gorilla Lodge

Up-market: Mountain Gorilla View Lodge or Gorillas Nest Lodge

Day 3: Return to Kigali, visit Genocide memorial/museum and transfer to airport

Following breakfast, you will leave for Kigali. Go for a City tour including visits to the market, a pottery project, handicraft shops, the Franco-Rwandan cultural centre and the genocide memorial. Have lunch enroute and then Transfer to the airport.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

4 Days Gorillas and Golden Monkey Tracking Safari in Rwanda

4 Days Gorilla and Golden Monkey Tracking Safari in Rwanda

Day 1: Transfer to Volcanoes National Park

You will be met by our driver/guide upon arrival at Kigali International Airport and be transferred to Kigali for a city tour including a genocide memorial site , Golden Monkey in Rwanda shopping of African art and craft. Later, proceed to Ruhengeri to enjoy the rolling hills for which Rwanda is famous for. Dinner and overnight at Gorilla Nest Lodge/La Palme Hotel/Kinigi Guest House

Day 2: Gorilla Trekking

Have an early breakfast and be transferred to Kinigi Park Headquarter for briefing before you start the trekking activity in the park. Trekking through the forest, hills and swamps can be tough, strenuous and tiring, sometimes taking up to 8 hours in the forest. But coming in contact with the great primates is well worth the effort. You spend one hour with the gorillas which is a truly amazing experience. Dinner and overnight at Gorilla Nest Lodge/La Palme Hotel/Kinigi Guest House

Day 3: Golden Monkey Tracking

This morning, you will participate in another adventure tracking the "Little Primates" of the Virungas, the Golden Monkey (Cercopithecus Kandti), now listed by the IUCN as endangered because of their small numbers. You will be part of a select group of a maximum of 6 people, and the track will take most of the day. Dinner and overnight at Gorilla Nest Lodge/La Palme Hotel / Kinigi Guest House.

Day 4: Departure

Transfer to Kigali International Airport for your departure flight back home.

End of Safari

Please note that this is a guideline program that maybe customized according to travelers’ needs and preferences. The variations are normally made to improve the tour and your experience.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Great Primates Uganda Safari -7 days

Great Primates Uganda Safari -7 days

Where to go:this safari gives you the opportunity to visit the most important national parks in Uganda for primates viewing, Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale National Parks.

What activities & attractions: during the safari expect to take the Gorilla tracking walk and the chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest. You will do a lot of birding and game drives in private vehicles along the Queen Elizabeth National Park, including the boat cruise along Kazinga Channel

Who can do it:anybody can join this tour itinerary, though the gorilla tracking can be the most demanding activity in terms of readiness to walk many hours in the rain tropical forest. When to go: generally all the year long is possible to undertake gorilla tracking and game drives in Uganda. The dry seasons are most likely to guarantee a better road conditions in the parks

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Walking -Safari -Around Kisoro

 Walking Safari Around Kisoro

Our team of local  guides are eager to show you the warmth of friendship and hospitality Ugandan’s are well known for. Traveling with Kisoro Tours Uganda you will be humbled and touched by the heart felt sincerity of the people you will meet on your journey. We provide the opportunity for you, the travelers, to immerse yourself in the fabric of rural Uganda few others get to experience.

 1. The great Virunga Volcanoes and day hikes to the Virungas
2. A day in the dugout canoe on Lake Mutanda
3. walk through hills of Kisoro and get a chance to Visits the  rural homesteads
4. Walk through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

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Activities in Kisoro you can undertake

Activities in Kisoro you can undertake several very interesting activities, all of which can be done individually or in groups. They include:

 Kisoro doesn't only offer gorilla trekking: its beautiful surroundings offer an opportunity to undertake several different interesting activities,

Garama Cave

Almost 100 years ago there was a conflict between the Batwa (pygmies) and the Bantu population. The Batwa lived in the forests and the Bantu had their gardens and villages. The Batwa raided the Bantu in their villages and disappeared in the forests. The Bantu had no idea that there was a very large cave in the forest where the Batwa were hiding. Garama cave is 342 meters long and today it is only home to bats. During the visit the guide will tell you more about Garama Cave and the history and the life of the Batwa .

2-3hrs walk

Mount Magahinga

Around 58% of Magahinga National Park is covered with bamboo forest, a delicacy for the Gorillas and the Golden Monkeys. The walk to the top of the Mgahinga Volcano takes us through a very nice example of pure natural bamboo forest. This walk offers a good chance to see the rare Golden Monkey and Bushbucks. At the top (3474m) you will find a good view and a lush swamp in the crater.

 5-6 hrs walk

Sabinyo Gorge

This walk takes us through the lush vegetation in the gorge of the Sabinyo. It is moist with a dense vegetation. A small river at the bottom of the gorge is responsible for creating this paradise over time. At the end of the walk is a small but nice waterfall and a very good view of all the peaks. A good place for lunch! The gorge is a good place for seeing birds, especially the Ruwenzori Turacoo. Golden Monkeys and Duikers can also be spotted.

3- 4 hrs walk

Mount Sabinyo

Mount Sabinyo is the oldest of the three volcanoes, quite eroded and that is why it has its name, which means: "teeth of the old man”! This volcano has three challenging peaks. The trail takes you up a ridge along the eastern side to Peak 1. If you wish to continue, the climb to Peak 2 involves walking a ridge with breathtaking drops into the gorges of Rwanda and Uganda. Finally, the hike up to Peak 3 is steep with several ladders and much scrambling. On top of peak 3 (3669m) you will be in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo at the same time! The Sabinyo hike takes you through all different vegetation belts, and you have good chances of seeing Golden Monkeys, Duiker, Rwenzori Turacos and Sunbirds.

7- 8 hrs walk

Border Trail – Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo

This hike takes you first toward Sabinyo. The trail climbs up the base of Sabinyo for a while through fine montane forest before turning towards Congo. Along the way you will get a great view of Sabinyo's gorge and peaks. Upon reaching Congo you cut back along the international border. The return leg to park head quarters is a great section for birding. The two rest huts along the way are good places for a break. Look closely for the Golden Monkeys and signs of elephants.

7-8 hrs walk

 Birding along the edge of the Mugahinga Gorilla National Park

Yes, birding along the edge of the park is now available, The guides are very happy to take out,  Birds that can be seen: Ibis, Whydah, Speckled Moosebird, Fire Finch, Stonechat, Grey Capped Warbler, Waxbills and Yellow-Vented Bulbul.

Cultural Village Walk

Walk with a local guide or on your own through the gardens and villages of the Bufumbira and Bachigatribes. On your way you will learn a lot about how the people live and work. Often there is the possibility to eat at a local place or sometimes with a family. Other walks take us over the hills to Lake Mutandaand there you can go with a dugout canoe to Python Island and see birds near a swamp.

4-5 hrs walk

Batwa Trail

It starts at the base of Mt Muhavura at 8.00 am and finishes by 2-3:30 pm.  raingear and a packed lunch with sufficient drinks is needed

The Batwa Trail runs across the lower slopes of the Muhavura and Gahinga volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The forest is home to a variety of wildlife but the Batwa Trail is far from being a conventional nature walk. With the help of Batwa guides, you'll see the forest as a larder, pharmacy, builder's yard, tool kit and, above all a home. Along the trail, you'll fire a bow and arrow, check hives for wild honey, help repair a Batwa shelter, harvest plants for medicine and food, light a fire without a matches, listen to legends and learn about Batwa traditions.

The highlight of the trail is a descent into the Garama cave, a 200m-long lava tube beneath Mt. gahinga. The Batwa are famed for their music and dance and their historic, subterranean council chamber in Garama Cave provides the setting for an unforgettable performance.
The Batwa trail is celebration of the forest culture of the "'first people."It is impossible, however, to ignore the fact that Batwa life has greatly changed. The day's events conclude with a discussion about the Batwa's current situation; how it can be improved; and progress to date towards doing so.

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3 Days Kibale Forest for Chimp Tracking

Day 1: Kampala – Kibale Forest National Park

Depart Kampala after breakfast by road via Mityana, Mubende to Fort Portal. The drive takes about 4 to 5 hours through lush plantations. Arrive in Fort Portal / Kibale Forest in time for lunch.After lunch you may have a community walk or visit the Crater lakes region for their spectacular view.Dinner and overnight at accommodation of your choice depending on your budget.

Day 2: Kibale Forest National Park (B, L, D)

After breakfast, transfer to Kanyanchu Tourist centre for briefing before tracking the chimpanzees at 08.00 am. There are more than 90% chances of encountering habituated chimps. The park is only accessible on foot; there are no motorable tracks open to tourists. This walk will provide you with the opportunity to see a wide range of flora and fauna. View a variety of butterflies, birds and other insects. Have a tour of the crater region around Ndali lodge. In the afternoon enjoy a nature walk in the Bigodi Wetland where there are a variety of birds and monkey species. Return to your accommodation for dinner and overnight.

Day 3 : Kibale Forest National Park - Kampala

Morning visit Toro Palace and then Nyakasura where you will be able to see stalagmites and Stalactites that are locally referred to as “Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru”. Have lunch in Fort Portal or proceed with picnic lunch Kampala on the way.

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