Thursday, January 14, 2016

Which gorilla group to visit in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo 2016-2017?

>/p>Which gorilla group to visit in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo 2016-2017?

Most of our Clients/travelers ask us about the different gorilla groups and which of the gorilla groups are bigger; Others base their decision on the distance of the hike to reach the groups.

In Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo, it's quite difficult to say which gorilla families are easier or harder to find. Gorillas, as we are all aware, gorillas are wild animals whose actions are unpredictable, The ease of seeing the gorillas depends on the movements of the gorilla family on that particular day.>/p> In Uganda and DR Congo you can find four different areas from which to begin the gorilla tracking, They are each between 2 and 4 hours driving from the other. Therefore, your choice of accommodation also makes a big difference the options of the gorilla group you can visit and vice versa.

When you book your tour well in advance, you can give us your preference of Ugandan gorilla group you wish to visit. Gorilla permits are sold out far in advance, so it might be that Kisoro Tours Uganda has to choose from the few remaining permits for your dates.

When you are not that fit and you can't walk long for about 4-6hours distances going up and down, we advise you to go tracking in Rwanda, In Rwanda all trackings leave from the same point, where rangers will select easier and more difficult trackings according to your fitness leveling Kinigi park head offices. Tracking in Rwanda, is more expensive it cost USD750 per person while in Uganda it cost USD600 per person for high season in month of Jun, July, August September and December, Uganda offers a Laow Season Discounted Permits at USD450 per person in the month of March, April, May and November. For more information please contact Kisoro Tours Uganda for more details

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